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Get that cash you need right now, whether it’s to make payroll or kick off your dream renovation project. 💪 We’re here to help you lock down the funds you need fast.

  • As Fast As 24 Hours 🏎️
  • One-Page Application 📄
  • Flexible Terms 📝
  • Multiple Loan Types 💵
  • Loans Up To $1 Million 🧳
  • No Need for Credit Report 🔖

Secure business capital for a secure peace of mind.

Dare to dive into the world of business funding and empower your business with the financial assistance it deserves! Discover the vast array of business loans tailored to kickstart, escalate, or stabilize your enterprise. Our esteemed capital partner, boasting over 35 years of lending expertise, is your trusted ally in achieving your small or mid-sized business’s financial aspirations.

Forget the old-school notion that banks are the sole providers of top-notch business loans. The harsh truth is that countless businesses struggle to qualify for conventional loans due to a poor business credit score, insufficient history, or other factors. But worry not, fellow entrepreneur!

Refuse to accept defeat – alternative business funding options are within your reach! Make it your mission to explore the diverse types of business loans and determine the perfect match for your business. Your success story is just around the corner!


Happy Clients 

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“We were in search of a POS system that would simplify our operations and boost our sales, and KokuaPOS has done just that. The intuitive interface and advanced features have transformed our store into a well-oiled machine, and our customers love the fast, easy checkout process.”

– Joe Ramer 


Toppng.com Five Star Rating 623X124 1

“KokuaPOS has made managing our retail store a breeze. The intuitive interface and advanced features have improved our overall operation and customer satisfaction.”

– Steve Rio


Toppng.com Five Star Rating 623X124 1

I was skeptical about switching to a new credit card processor, but now I’m convinced it was the best decision I’ve made all year! Thanks for making my life so much easier KokuaPay!”

– Emily Flake


Toppng.com Five Star Rating 623X124 1

Your competitive pricing and no hidden fees make it easy for me to budget for my business expenses. The excellent customer support has made it a valuable asset to our business.”

– Lisa Lee


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Why Choose Us?

Look, we’re a small business as well. We know what it’s like to struggle to grow, build, and how larger companies can prey on smaller businesses for a quick buck.


Community & people driven first.

When local businesses thrive, so do the communities they serve. Our people-first attitude and commitment to doing the right thing keeps your business thriving and your community connected. 


The Customer Support You Need.

Again, as a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to have someone there when you need it. We make this a top priority for our clients. 

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