Take Cards Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

Discover the ultimate credit card readers, cutting-edge smart terminals, and unbeatable contactless swipers for your thriving small business.

Embrace the Power of Credit Cards In Store, Online, Or On The Go.

Craving a game-changing traditional credit card solution to revolutionize your countertop? Ready to annihilate lines with a fierce wireless credit card terminal? Or how about a powerhouse mobile solution that empowers you to bring your products and services directly to your customers? From cutting-edge EMV and NFC contactless credit card machines to seamless and dynamic ecommerce solutions, KokuaPay is the ONLY payment processor you’ll ever want to team up with again.


Payanywhere Bluetooth EMV Card Readers

Unleash the power of mobile payments with a compatible iOS or Android device! Accept payments anytime, anywhere using our cutting-edge 3-in-1 Credit Card Reader. 💥

Experience versatility like never before as it seamlessly accepts EMV, magstripe credit cards, and NFC contactless payments, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay!

Payanywhere Smart Terminal

Introducing the ultimate credit card reader – Payanywhere Smart Terminal! 💪 This powerhouse combines the ease of a fully-loaded terminal with our cutting-edge proprietary software. Perfect for countertop use, line busting, or taking payments on the move. Embrace the future of payment acceptance and elevate your business game!

A920Pro Left Terminal
Desk 3500

Simple, secure, & Reliable

Behold the Desk 3500, one of the world’s simplest and most reliable countertop payment devices! Its file based system effortless handling and seamless daily use.

Empower Your Business with Tailor-Made Credit Card Terminals! 💪

Unleash the potential of simple payment processing or full-fledged POS systems… Embrace the classic terminal or the cutting-edge mobile credit card reader… Opt for PIN pads or gateways… KokuaPay brings you customizable payment solutions that fit your business like a glove! 💪

And guess what? We back those solutions with phenomenal Customer Care and Technical Support, ready to serve you anytime, day or night.


Happy Clients 

Toppng.com Five Star Rating 623X124 1

“We were in search of a POS system that would simplify our operations and boost our sales, and KokuaPOS has done just that. The intuitive interface and advanced features have transformed our store into a well-oiled machine, and our customers love the fast, easy checkout process.”

– Joe Ramer 


Toppng.com Five Star Rating 623X124 1

“KokuaPOS has made managing our retail store a breeze. The intuitive interface and advanced features have improved our overall operation and customer satisfaction.”

– Steve Rio


Toppng.com Five Star Rating 623X124 1

I was skeptical about switching to a new credit card processor, but now I’m convinced it was the best decision I’ve made all year! Thanks for making my life so much easier KokuaPay!”

– Emily Flake


Toppng.com Five Star Rating 623X124 1

Your competitive pricing and no hidden fees make it easy for me to budget for my business expenses. The excellent customer support has made it a valuable asset to our business.”

– Lisa Lee


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Why Choose Us?

Look, we’re a small business as well. We know what it’s like to struggle to grow, build, and how larger companies can prey on smaller businesses for a quick buck.


Community & people driven first.

When local businesses thrive, so do the communities they serve. Our people-first attitude and commitment to doing the right thing keeps your business thriving and your community connected. 


The Customer Support You Need.

Again, as a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to have someone there when you need it. We make this a top priority for our clients. 

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